CERPD is an international carbon offset management company leading in Greenhouse Gas research and development. From our US Headquarters, we develop, own and manage a variety of energy and renewable energy projects including biomass, solar and wind, and fossil fuels. With our global network of consultants and agents, we are well positioned to take advantage of trends in the international market.



CERPD Inc. is dedicated to the international effort to reduce greenhouse gases and to utilize renewable energy sources. We are always seeking new and innovative technologies to reduce the carbon emissions of our partners and clients and to maximize their assets.
CERPD’s proprietary model allows us to assist our clients in any business sector, quantify the impact of legislation, and develop risk management strategies.


CERPD will serve you or your company by either developing new project to offset emissions, investing for future offset assessment, or financial investment. CERPD Inc. will provide the best advice and feasibility test for your investment.

Responsibility – that is our promise to you.