CERPD Inc. is dedicated to the international effort to reduce greenhouse gases and to utilize renewable energy sources. We are always seeking new and innovative technologies to reduce the carbon emissions of our partners and clients and to maximize their assets.

CERPD’s proprietary model allows us to assist our clients in any business sector, quantify the impact of legislation, and develop risk management strategies.

Our clients are companies that are now - or soon will be - looking for innovative technologies and methodologies to reduce their carbon emissions, allowing them to profitably manage and trade their carbon assets through global networks. We advise the energy and industrial sectors, the banking and financial sectors, and government on the growing thicket of mandatory and voluntary programs now being put into effect, and on the emissions trading programs that are fundamental to many carbon reduction strategies. Furthermore, CERPD has gone beyond technical consulting through the formation of a network of partnerships with U.S. corporate consulting and brokerage firms. Our proprietary model allows us to assist our clients in any business sector to quantify the impact of legislation and develop risk management strategies. We support investors to realize projects with sustainable applications, particularly in the areas of environment, energy efficiency, and climate change. Our expertise, applied mainly in emerging markets across Asia, United States, and South America steers investors to meet the challenges of sustainable investments. This work builds on our strong grounding in government relations, policy expertise and network of local and international institutions and experts.

Carbon Trader and Market Analyst

Job Title: Financial/Budget Manager
Type of Position: Contingent
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
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