Seoul PV (photovoltaic) Power Plant CDM Project

The Seoul PV power plant project was developed by Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. The total installed capacity of the PV power plant is about 1.3 MW. The PV power plant, consisting of 5,658 PV panels (230wp) is expect generate 1,822 MWh per ye ear. The electricity generated by the plant will be provided to the Korea Power Grid.

This project is expected to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by an estimated of 1,321 tCO2e per year.


Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration Project

The Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Recovery Co-generation Project is a 800MW cogeneration plant at Hyundai Steel, which is developed by Hyundai Green power CO., Ltd.

The project utilizes surplus waste gases including BFG(Blast Furnace Gas), COG(Coke Oven Gas) and LDG(Converter Gas) produced by Steel to generate electricity. The waste gases created by Steel are reused by the steel mill and the rest are consumed by the proposed project. 

Through this project, approximately 5,047,111MWh electricity will be sent to power grid, and 1,285,000 ton steam will be produced and sent to Steel. The estimated annual carbon reduction is 3,216,379 tCO2.


Daegu Bangcheon-Ri Landfill Gas CDM Project

The Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) landfill in Daegu began accepting refuse from 1990 and has since filled to its capacity of 14,700,000 tons of MSW. This landfill site is slated for expansion with the expectation of accepting another 9,144,710 tons of MSW by 2026.

Daegu Bangcheon-Ri Landfill Gas Project is the project which captures and refines gas from the landfill and refines it for supply to the Korea District Heating Corporation to produce thermal energy. The resulting energy is then supplied to users.

This project was the first from South Korea to be registered on the Verified Carbon Standard Marketplace. The estimated annual carbon reduction is 404, 872 tCO2.