CERPD combines outstanding competence and expertise in project and methodology development with financial knowledge in carbon credit commercialization, climate neutral expertise and renewable energy projects to provide a solid base for our services.

With interests in both reducing carbon emissions through the use of our biomass fuel and offsetting carbon already emitted through our carbon credit program.

CERPD’s main services:

CERPD Biomass project focuses on wood pellets that are used as fuels for industrial boilers, stoves, and other machines.

We have exclusive contracts with wood pellet mills in many countries, so we are able to globally source and distribute wood pellets with various ranges of purposes and specifications.

CERPD is active in the following products:


  • Premium wood pellets
  • Industrial wood pellets
  • Retail wood pellets
  • Sawdust
  • Wood logs

CERPD is committed to reduce Greenhouse Gases by encouraging use of sustainable energy.

hyundai-steel-mill4Carbon Offset

CERPD owns The Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Co-generation Project, the biggest Voluntary Carbon Credit project in the world. We also have a global network for trading and developing carbon credits with brokers as well as end buyers.

CERPD will help your firm acquire, create, quantify and bank environmental assets, then go beyond that to help you develop a comprehensive environmental asset management strategy.

CERPD’s services in Carbon Credit project:


  • A project development service
  • Registration process
  • Purchasing and marketing carbon credits
  • Developing and managing a financial structure
  • Technical, financial, and legal support
  • Connects to international market
  • Portfolio management and problem-solving techniques
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Commodity Swaps